World Class Officer Management System
Cloud Driven
No software to install. Continuous product updates. Fast development cycle. Accessible anywhere.
Custom built from the ground up. Made for security companies. In use since 2012. Modern Design.
Exception Management
Integrated business workflow. Problems highlighted. One click solutions. Automated Tasks.
Built from the ground up, check which shifts to run through and the SIR will output everyone capable of doing the job (or those who can't), and even rank them based on objective principles
SIA Checker Tool
Site Patterns
Using some simple rules, you can add a pattern of shifts that will generate indefinitely in advance, saving you time.
SIA Checker Tool
SIA Checker Tool
OMS can talk directly with the SIA to instantly validate license checks, giving you peace of mind. OMS will even run a daily scan of all licenses added to your officers, letting you know when there is a problem.
SIA Checker Tool
Featuring monthly, weekly and daily views, quick filtering, smart tags and easy one-click adding of ad-hoc shifts
SIA Checker Tool
Semi-automated payroll makes the entire process simple and easy - get complete payrun values or drill down to inspect individual officer profiles for inspection at any time.
SIA Checker Tool
Help System
Our fully integrated self-help system intuitively detects what page you're on and offers tutorial videos and easy to read text based articles based on features of that page.
SIA Checker Tool
Done within a few clicks of the wizard, invoices are generated automatically, or can be manually raised. Detailed breakdown of cover (Name, Date, Shift)on subsequent pages.
SIA Checker Tool
Workforce App
Officers have access to a progressive web app, available on all devices with internet access, allowing them to see their schedule and more.
SIA Checker Tool
OMS will continuously monitor (in real time) for potential issues (Management by Exception - MBE). Users can customise what items they wish to monitor. Issues can then be handled by clicking on the card.
SIA Checker Tool
Latest Added Feature
OMS users can subscribe to receive desktop notifications via the users page for applicant form/documents/contract submitted, officer/sub-labour sms received and request calls placed
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OMS is different. It works off zero-hour contracts. It's a manage by exception system. It highlights when something should happen with a traffic light system. E.g. Booking on. 30 minutes, 15 minutes and 5 minutes before start (of shift). A really useful bit of kit for the modern SMB in the security sector. Great value.
- Theo Theodoru, Director of 2012 Security
Theo Theodoru
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